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Christmas Trees

Background photo is by Amanda Hills
and is available as a Christmas card.
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2020 is a very different year...

The Christmas trees are going up, no matter what!

The trees are due to go up on 5th December, which is very close to the end of the lock-down, so I have assumed that the current rules apply. If plans are made based on the lifting of lock-down and then the PM changes it, it will be too late to implement an alternative.

Sadly, we cannot do the traditional social system in the village hall.

So, here's the plan...

Phase 1: Preparing the trees (3rd & 4th Dec)

On Thursday and Friday, teams formed of existing "social bubbles" will prepare the trees: Trimming the bases, putting lights on, labelling them. Full instructions will be given.

The trees will be outdoors, in my garden, with gazebos for shelter in case it rains (or snows!)

There is only one "bubble" per time slot and the slots are timed so that "bubbles" will not come into contact with anyone else.

Phase 2: Erecting the trees (5th Dec)

On Saturday 5th, we will need volunteers to transport trees from my garden to the correct locations, to go up ladders and to hold the ladders.

I now have enough volunteers for all three days. Thank you!

* Ladders

Volunteers climbing ladders must be totally confident and must understand the requirements of working at height. More information...


Personal information given by volunteers will be securely stored and used only for the purpose of adminstration of the Christmas Trees. It will be deleted on 3rd January 2021.

Removing the trees

The trees will be taken down on 2nd January. I have no idea what Covid rules will be in place!

At present, my plan is to reverse phase 2, to get the trees back to Green Court, where we'll have a chipper. Teams can remove the lights and the trees will be chipped directly to where the chips are to be used.