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PLEASE NOTE - Family History Searches

Bridge Parish Council does not hold any records regarding the family histories of Bridge residents nor any record of burials in the churchyard.
historical parish council records have been transferred to the Kent County Archive in Maidstone.
Enquiries regarding the parish church's records should be addressed to the office of the Vicar of Bridge and not to the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Magazine 'On the Nail' is produced by the Bridge Group of Churches NOT by Bridge Parish Council

Enquiries about 'On the Nail' should be sent to the Editor, Laurence Dunderdale, tel: 01227 830 668, email: [email protected] or to 'On the Nail' advertising to: Mrs Jill Thomas, tel: 01227 832573 email: [email protected].

Parish Council agendas, minutes, reports etc..


CCC consultation Neighbourhood Plan documents

Following the publication of Parish Council accounts for the financial year ending March 31 March 2018, villager Michael Stewart scrutinised the 2017-2018 figures and, of his own volition, prepared a set of accounts using the principles of Income and Expenditure Accounting. (The Parish Council had used the principles of Receipts and Expenditure Accounting as required by law). These unofficial accounts are published here because the Parish Council resolved at its meeting on 13 September 2018 to: "..publish on the website a set of unofficial accounts presented by villager Michael Stewart" (minute 56/18-19)