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Family History.
Genealogy is a fast-growing hobby as more and more of us want to understand our ancestry. We get many requests for information about people's ancestors, who lived where etc.
At the moment, we are unable to help with individual requests for information. We do have some Frequently Asked Questions, which we can answer and in the future we hope to be able to expand this section.


Bridge Parish Council does not hold any records regarding the family histories of Bridge residents nor any record of burials in the churchyard. ALL historical parish council records have been transferred to the Kent County Archive in Maidstone.

Enquiries regarding the parish church's records should be addressed to the office of the Vicar of Bridge and not to the Parish Clerk.

FAQ (Click on a question to see the relevant answer)

Q. Does the Parish Coucil keep historical local records?
Q. Does the Church have any historical local records?
Q. Do you have a list of who is buried in the church?
Q. My relative is shown as having died at 10 Union Road, but s/he didn't seem to live there.